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    Self Catering
    elegant, self catering accommodation
    A warm Klein Karoo welcome to Africa Inn. We are situated 8 km from Oudtshoorn; nestled between the Outeniqua and Swartberg Mountains. We offer affordable, clean and comfortable self catering accommodation to both local & foreign visitors.  
    Accommodation, Conferencing, Restaurant, Tours & Transfers
    Johannesburg International Guest House is situated in Birchleigh, Kempton Park.  10 km from OR Tambo (Johannesburg International Airport), 27 km from Johannesburg City Centre and 45 km from Pretoria City Centre.
    Self catering Karoo house, 4/5 en-suite bedrooms, in Oudtshoorn
    Leriba Golf Lodge is tucked away in dense indigenous forest on the famous Hans Merensky Golf Estate, Phalaborwa, South Africa and is located on the 5th fairway of the championship golf course where crocodile, hippo and other game add spice to your golfing experience.
    Hotel with 120 en-suite guest rooms in Oudtshoorn


    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering

    101 Oudtshoorn Holiday Accommodation is in the centre of town with an exotic garden where our genuine hospitality makes you feel at home. Children are really welcome in our safe playground, we will make you an enjoyable breakfast. You will be sorry to leave and wish you stayed longer to enjoy the African sunshine!

    Self Catering
    Self Catering
    Self Catering

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